General Assessment Of Suitability.


A General Assessment of Suitability can and will be made to determine the student’s suitability for undertaking training in
Massage and/or Healing based on the following criteria….


1.              Personal Attitude.

2.              Personal Presentation.

3.              Basic Communication Skills.

4.              Appropriateness of Behaviour.

5.              Appropriateness of Language.

6.              Appropriateness of Demeanour.

7.              Demonstration of a grasp of the basics of Workplace Health and Safety.

8.              Demonstration of a grasp of the basics of Hygiene and Prophylaxis.

9.              A demonstrated grasp of the skills taught in the course.

10.          Issues relating to any concerns regarding the student’s health and wellbeing.


The Aura-Chi School of Natural Healing reserves the right to refuse training, or refuse the continuation of training,
to any individual who – in our opinion - does not pass our General Assessment of Suitability.    We have a legal duty
of care to only provide Massage and/or Healing qualifications to individuals whom we believe will offer these skills
to others in a manner that is of the highest professional standard and not call ourselves or the student into question.


Please note that this is a subjective assessment, not a judgement, and whilst it is open to discussion, it is not open to
negotiation. The Aura-Chi School of Natural Healing reserves the right to act as final arbiter in this matter.   


In the event of cancellation of training after the course has begun, the course fee (other than the non-refundable deposit)
shall be refunded.


For more information feel free to email  us...   info@aura-chi.com.au

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