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Testimonials From Practising Healers....

"Aura-Chi is a more complete process. It is a simpler, well rounded healing modality that integrates healing on all levels, mind, body, heart and soul.
Aura-Chi takes off where other forms of healing finish, by integrating and treating all levels holistically.
Recent reactions have included recipients positively glowing, to feelings of such deep relaxation and release they feel positively uplifted.
I would highly recommend this process to anyone seeking a healing that will leave them amazed at what can occur in one short hour.
I would also recommend the training to therapists or individuals wishing to
facilitate some remarkable healing for their clients or loved ones. "

Beth Kennedy
Natural Therapist, Bowen Therapist
Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Healer

"As an Intuitive Masseuse, Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer, I have a deep respect for energetic healing and spiritual development in all its forms.
I have been blessed to be working with Roger using the Aura-Chi techniques and am incredibly impressed with how much more powerful this technique is in comparison to a regular/ traditional Reiki session. What impresses me is that it is clearly a much more holistic form of healing. It attends to every facet of the individual both physically and energetically. I find the Aura-Chi strengthens the connection with my friends and guides in Spirit and indeed to the Source itself.
My connection with the energy and the energy itself is of a higher vibration and is distinctly refined, clearer, lighter and focused. An Aura-Chi session is itself sophisticated in its structure yet the  beauty lies in the simplicity and natural flow of the body and energetic needs. Not one to strictly follow the Reiki hand positions and patterning (unless requested of course) Aura-Chi caters to my/our guidance to attend to specific needs.

I think the most profound part of the entire process is that of 'Closing Off'. I do not have the words to express the value and the difference that this technique achieves. In my experience I have felt and witnessed dramatic changes in a person's well being after doing this. It seals the healing session allowing the full measure to stay with the client. Even just this on its own without the whole kit and caboodle has incredible benefit. It balances, centres, grounds, restores and protects you from the constant streams of energy that flow around us everyday. It is essential after a healing treatment such as Reiki, which can so often leave a client vulnerable and exposed, "floating out there - somewhere", for a time. I myself suffered greatly from a constant bombardment of energy, picking up and drawing everybody's 'stuff' into me. I was falsely misdiagnosed as bi-polar (based on past family history) and suffered increased subsequent depression.. The Reiki training was wonderful and did help, but as attunements went on and my sensitivity increased I had many times that were unbearable. There I was trying to stay open to be 'a good healer' and I was damaging myself constantly. Ha. Boy I gotta say, 'Hallelujah' for closing off!!  In fact if I hadn't learned how to do this first, I wouldn't be a Reiki Master. Yes, healing crisis's do occur, but constant side-effects should not be normal after what is meant to be "healing".

After learning  how to Close Off I was able to know what was mine, and what wasn't, and deal with it appropriately. My own health and well-being has vastly improved through these techniques. That is just one of the gains of "closing off". Yay for letting love in and radiating out without any need for suffering. I will teach and demonstrate this process to anyone who wishes to learn, and I use it constantly.

Well, I could go on and on and on and on.................
Thank you to Spirit and Roger."

Erika-Bridget Taylor
Intuitive Masseuse, Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Healer

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"Aura-Chi is the complete healing method.   Practitioners from almost every modality can tell you about how their clients have had amazing releases but suffered afterwards.   Aura-Chi teaches people how to seal in the positive effects of what has been given and allow what has been done to be lasting.
What is the point of being "completely balanced", then going out into peak hour traffic and losing all the benefit in a few minutes?
The Aura-Chi techniques are simple and make sense.   They enhance any modality.
There is new information coming through people everyday and it is hard to evaluate what is worthwhile.   If you or your clients find it difficult to fall asleep after a session or perhaps you experience healing reactions far too strongly, then this balancing and healing technique is for you.
There is something about this technique that just feels right.   As a Reiki Master, the healing sessions I have been involved with have jumped to a whole new level.   People seems to be able to go very deep very quickly and buried issues seems to be able to be cleared far more effectively".
Paul Ribet BaSc Dip.Ed.
Reiki Master/Teacher
Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher

"For most of my life I had been of the firm opinion that there was no God, and absolutely nothing after death. One day, I had a Reiki healing and a lesson in how to meditate, and felt rather good after it. So I did Reiki 1. The results roused my curiosity so I did Reiki 2. And my ideas were turned upside down forever. I realised that the results from Reiki treatments could not possibly have come from me alone and that if I was channelling this fabulous energy, then something was directing it. Which led to my becoming a Reiki Master. At each stage, the power of the healings increased, as did my belief in the Spirits guiding my efforts.Some of the results were awesome. Surely, I had found my destiny and it couldn't get any better than this.
And then came Aura-Chi.

Clearly this is another level of healing and with even more awe-inspiring results. I am glad I came to Reiki first because it gave me the basic knowledge that made understanding the special beauty of Aura-Chi much more easily. I don't advertise, I let my Aura-Chi clients do that for me by word of mouth. Aura-Chi healings can be very powerful and can bring up deeply held, unconscious negativity. And the cleansing can be physically demanding. But I am assured by my clients that even if they are "bit shaken up" for a few hours, the mental and spiritual feeling was wonderful, and much longer lasting than the relaxed feeling after a Reiki session. I still do Reiki healings, but find the demand for Aura-Chi greater. Try it.  I am confident you will find it most rewarding".

Dee Cutts
Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Healer

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