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My name is Roger J K Campbell. I have training in Natural Therapies and Reiki Level III (Master / Teacher). 
But what is of more relevance here, I have been a practising Medium and Spiritual Healer for many years, with over ten years of formal training in these skills. I have in fact been interested in/reading about/experimenting with Spiritual Healing for over 38 years (that dates me doesn't it!!!)

Put simply, Aura-Chi has been given to me “from Spirit”. It hasn’t been dictated to me in rote form. It started with me formulating my own questions on the failings of existing practices, and investigating (as best I could) why some people – myself included – have had such negative reactions to certain healing treatments and attunements – "healing" processes that theoretically should be causing no ill effects whatsoever!! In my private healing practice I have encountered person after person that have come to me for help because they have had a negative reaction to a healing or attunement. It is true that there can be “healing crisis” after a healing session, but this is not what we are talking about here.

Over a number of years, my own investigations succeeded in formulating specific questions. Once these questions were formulated, then my Spirit “Guides” were able to provide answers. You can’t answer a question that hasn’t been asked. The answers given – when collected together as per specific instruction from them – comprise the practices described here as “Aura-Chi” (even the name was given from Spirit)

QUESTION.  Does Aura-Chi require it’s practitioners or patients to believe (as I do) in an Afterlife, Spirit Guides or a some form of God?

ANSWER. An emphatic NO!!.  Absolutely not. Where the knowledge is reputed to have come from does NOT matter!! Atheists and Agnostics are more than welcome. In Aura-Chi training we witness “unbelievers” detecting Chakras and the Aura itself with their hands in very short order. Anyone with even a hint of intuition and sensitivity can learn this skill. Remember this is very much a practical HANDS-ON method, the patient and the practitioner feel it working, in a very concrete way. We have had Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Research Scientists all validating this experience for themselves. Do you need to know HOW a mobile phone works to use one? NO. Same with Aura-Chi. If you have an issue with some of the theory behind what's happening, no matter, it'll work any-way!!

More-over, when some-one is desperately ill, and they are helped, they will tell you

I don't care how it happened, the important thing is that it DID happen”.

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For more information feel free to email  us...   info@aura-chi.com.au

Something very special is in the process of happening. If you have bothered to read this far, you are probably going to be part of it!!