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The human Aura is an electrical field that surrounds and permeates your body. It is part of you. It can be felt, touched, “flexed” (this can be demonstrated in an Aura-Chi Healing session), manipulated, cleansed etc.. It stores “pollutants” -  mental and emotional blockages that an Aura-Chi Practitioner can discern and remove. It is also said that physical illness manifests first in the Aura, and then manifests in the physical body as a result. A clean and finely tuned Aura is essential to a good state of health and well–being.  (The University of Melbourne apparently is nearing completion of research currently that finally proves the existance of the Aura).

We read so much about being kind to your liver, heart friendly foods, “eat right for your blood type”, but why do we hear NOTHING about the electrical field that is a fundamental part of who and what we are?  Simply because before the advent of Aura-Chi, nothing was being presented to the general public that was intended as a simple health regime to attend to the needs of the human Aura.


We talk about people being open and honest, or open to suggestion, or being open-hearted and open-minded. Precisely what is being referred to as “open” in these phrases?  The heart, the soul?  Well the point at which the heart and soul interface with the world around us is the Aura.  The “openness” we speak of is, in fact, manifested (in many ways) in how “open” a person’s Aura is.

The Aura is our filter and protective shield from the effects of external energies on us.  Some speak of “protection” in terms of Evil Spirits and Psychic attack.  I’ll leave those topics to those better qualified to write on them (i.e. any good Hollywood script writer). The protection I talk about is from other people’s anger, stress, sadness, frustrations, (etc). In other words the full gamut of negativity we are surrounded by each day. To be able to be "closed off" from this “contamination” by others is a skill worth its weight in gold.  But we can all learn it, and we can learn it easily.

When one is in a “sensitive” or “receptive” state of mind, one’s Aura has “opened-up”. This can be after any form of healing session, a Tai-Chi class, a yoga class, a nice massage or just your natural way of being. If one is a sensitive or perceptive person, one’s Aura is likely to be more open than other people’s on an on-going basis.  This is not necessarily a good thing. We need to be able shield ourselves from the negative “vibes” the world throws at us


There is a question implied in this point of view. As it has been mentioned elsewhere on this site, some healing and attunement practices leave the patient's Aura open, and the Chakras stimulated. If some other healing techniques leave the Aura “open and vulnerable” then does that mean some of these healing techniques can actually be harmful?
The answer (sadly) is yes.

Aura-Chi came into being as a result of a number of years of investigation into how some people had quite negative reactions to healing sessions and attunements from healing practices that state “because they come from a higher source, that no harm can be done”. This (unfortunately) is not entirely true.

You CAN be harmed by some healing practices.  In “twenty-five words or less”…

If in a healing session or attunement a person’s Chakras are stimulated and the Aura is opened up, AND LEFT OPEN, then this can have VERY negative side effects.  This is fact.

I have had to “come to the rescue” of a number of people left in a highly distressed state due to their being left “open” after a healing session or attunement. Once I had aligned their Chakras, and Closed Off their Aura – they gained immediate relief.

This may all sound a bit metaphysical, but the symptoms of what we are talking about here are very down to earth. Insomnia, restlessness, being "over-stimulated", "out of control", general levels of anxiety uncharacteristic for that individual. In some cases, those levels of anxiety have been sufficient to suggest the need for medical intervention. 

I know some will howl me down for these claims.  But if a Reiki Master attunes some-one, says good-bye to them, to never see them again, how would they know if there has been a negative reaction or not?  If there is no follow up, how can anyone say that this is not true? Some Reiki Masters are very much aware of this issue. Sadly - some are not, more-over, they deny that it COULD be true.

The Aura-Chi healing process is a product of identifying insufficiencies in existing techniques and being provided with the solutions to them. 

If these insufficiencies in some other practices won’t be addressed from within, then they must be addressed from without.

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Also, particular environments can impact on our well-being as well.  Think of how “nice” it feels to sit quietly in an old cathedral, how uplifting it can be. Positive energies can pertain to a room or a building, we all know that. This phenomenon also applies to negative energies.  How pleasant would it be to sit quietly in a recently abandoned prison? – You get the idea.  Keeping the Aura “in control” (closed off) protects you from being made feel uncomfortable by outside influences, be they human or inanimate.

Does “closed off” mean “shut off”? No.  Being closed off DOES NOT mean you are insensitive and isolated from the world around you. It just means you are in control of what “gets to you” and what doesn’t. I have trained for over a decade as a Spiritualist Medium, (and now train others to be Mediums), and closing off is taught in these classes as a basic requirement.  Mediums CANNOT spend all their days in a “receptive” mode, we learn to switch it on and switch it off as a matter of self-preservation.

One simply cannot stay in “John Edward Mode” all day every day. I’ve met people that have been “diagnosed” and heavily medicated simply because they are highly “sensitive” people who have never been taught to close off. (And I should add that having taught these people to close off, they have recovered either largely or in full!!).

So if you are a “perceptive” type person, you need to learn to keep yourself closed off to remain happy and healthy.  It is a statement of simple fact.

Why have you never heard about all this?  Because mediums have been teaching this to fellow mediums for many years, but have not been teaching these skills to the general public, it’s been an unintentional “closed shop”.  Aura-Chi is breaking that mould, everyone needs to know how to be less stressed in this stressful world!!

Closing Off is the final step in the sequence of ten steps in an Aura-Chi Healing session, but it is also a process that can be performed alone on yourself at any time.

The following is a simple description of the process.

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It’s such an easy process that people’s first reaction is quite often, “no, it’s too easy, surely it can’t be helping me in any way of any significance, it’s just too simple”.

Well it IS simple, that’s the beauty of it. But as I say, it has also been so significant in the lives of some people as to enable them to reduce medication (for stress and anxiety) that they had been on for many years.

The Theory

The Aura is the electrical field that surrounds and contains our body.
If this is news to you, I strongly recommend doing some research in this area. (i.e. Google immediately!!)

Picture a line that stretches from the base of your spine to the base of your neck via the front of your body.  Out from between your legs, up your body, and up and over your head. This is the “seam” (along the Central Meridian) along which the Aura “stretches” and “thins”.  Being an electrical field, any physicist will tell you that an electrical field cannot “open” or “split”.  It just can’t happen.  We agree with, and adhere to, this simple “law” of physics. 

So when the Aura “opens up” it is this seam that stretches open and allows the Aura to enlarge and expand.  This seam becomes thin and permeable and it is this “thinned” area that allows energies to flow in and out. 

This is a good thing.

A Clairvoyant could not BE Clairvoyant without this, a Healer could not “Open-Up” and channel Healing without this taking place.

BUT, at the end of a Healing Session, Clairvoyant Reading or ANYTHING that opens up your Aura, we need to close it up again.

This is done as an “act of will”. It is a visualisation.  The first step to achieving this goal is to believe that you CAN achieve it. In fact, really, the ONLY difficult part of the process is accepting that you are fully empowered to achieve this process.

Quite simply, my advice is to just give it a shot.

It is also recommended that you go through this visualisation morning and night for 21 days – to “teach” your body to do this as a matter of course.  It will make you feel more “grounded, centred and in control” in your life.  You will feel less “got at” by life’s ups and downs. Then just do it as you feel you need to.  In the early days it will take you a minute or two, once you are experienced at it, it will take a matter of seconds.

The Technique

Start off sitting in a comfortable chair (with your feet flat on the ground), or lying in whatever may be your favourite meditation position.  If you’re new to this process, then make an extra effort to be removed from any distractions. These distractions can include the kids making noise in the next room, tight fitting clothing, uncomfortable shoes (etc.)

Put on a nice relaxing CD, burn a candle, whatever works for you.

IF you are in the habit of meditating, then go through your normal meditation first.
(Guided Meditation CD’s that take you right through this process will be available through this website soon).

Then at the end of your meditation, do the following.....

1. Grounding.

Relax, imagine yourself lying comfortably in a grassy field.
Picture a connection with the Earth. Imagine your energies reaching out to the earth.
Picture tree-roots growing out of the bottom of your feet and extending down into the ground, into the soil and then further on right towards the centre of the Earth, connecting your being with the planet. Feel yourself connected and belonging to the planet. imagine a DEEP connection. That you are part of this world and you belong here.

2. Aligning.

Picture each of your Chakras. One by one, starting at the Base Chakra, imagine the small spinning miniature vortex slowing down, settling and contracting back into your body. An active Chakra spins clockwise  (when viewed from some-one else’s point of view, from “outside” the body). So encouraging an anti-clockwise motion will slow it and “calm” it.  So imagine that activated Chakra of about 6 or 7 inches high, being soothed and slowed, and contracting back into your body, shrinking in size from the size of a tennis ball at the top, down to a flat slow disk about the size of a fifty cent piece, that is resting against your skin. 
The final step is to give the Chakra a small turn anti-clockwise to align it and have it lined up perfectly North/South. Imagine the Chakra having a slot on the top like the head of a screw.  Imagine turning each Chakra so as to have all of the slots on the tops all lining up perfectly.

Do this to each Chakra in turn, Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, (The Hands), Third Eye, then Crown.

Then view all of them matching perfectly like seven buttons on an over-coat.

3. Closing Off

This final stage is the most important, and the most simple in concept. 
This energy bubble we live in needs to be closed up again when we have finished doing whatever it was that opened it up in the first place – and for some, that can just be living your normal day to day life.

Picture the Aura as an energy bubble that has opened up at the front.  It has stretched rice-paper thin across a whole area at the front (along that seam we discussed earlier). 

Imagine (as an act of will) closing this energy bubble back up. 

Most people find using visual metaphors for this “closing” action to be quite useful.
For example, imagine gathering up a comfy doona or quilt and wrapping yourself up in it. Another idea is to imagine stepping into a “wet-suit” and zipping it right up over your head.  Or imagine two huge sliding doors (representing the two sides of the opening in the Aura), rolling together and closing shut – air tight.

Also it is useful to use your hands to aid in the closing off process….
Firstly “charge up” your hands. Then use your hands to scoop the energy that surrounds your body back towards the centre line. i.e.. Close up that gap at the front.

Next (whilst holding an image of your hands glowing like a welding torch), use your hands to weld that seam in the Aura shut – from one end to the other.  Hold your hands flat with your palms facing your body.

Thirdly. With your hands facing at 90 degrees from your body, use your hands as scrapers to remove any refuse left at the join by the sealing process. (imagine how a welder always grinds clean and smooth the join he has just welded.)

Lastly, brush away any “remnants and refuse” from every part of your body. 

I make no apologies for this all seeming a bit like some superstitious primitive ritual. In some ways it has all the appearances of being just that.

BUT. It works, it’s real, and it DOES make a difference. To do this each morning and night for 21 days will make you feel better. Do this on a repeated basis to train your body to work with your Aura. After that, do as often as you feel it’s necessary. How much better you will feel is relative to how “out of balance” you are to start with.

Good luck, and Good Health!!

If you have questions about the process, feel free to contact us.

Also, if you would like to, I would invite you to leave feedback on your use of this process on the website as well.

© 2004/2005 Roger J K Campbell 

PLEASE NOTE that whilst copyright is maintained on the material on this page, please feel free to download it and make use of it, and share it with friends. My only stipulation is that is distributed complete and un-edited - including this copyright notice. For re-printing in any other form, please contact us for permission.    roger@aura-chi.com.au

Closing off is the final step in a sequence of ten steps in an Aura-Chi healing session performed on the client by the Practitioner, but it is also a process that can be performed on yourself at any time. Give it a shot!!!

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Something very special is in the process of happening. If you have bothered to read this far, you are probably going to be part of it!!