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Aura-Chi is a new and original Energy Healing Technique. It is a practical and precise Healing system that makes one assumption, that we can connect with higher energies to enable the body’s own healing abilities to be set in motion (and in many cases, allow the higher energies to set in motion a healing that the body’s own potential would not normally be expected to achieve).

It can be compared to Reiki, Traditional Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing, Aura Cleansing work – and many others. But in our opinion, it is a step beyond all of these, a distillation of the best that each of them has to offer, with the addition of unique new energetic practices that empower a healer to work at a much more advanced and precise level.  Without exception, every Reiki Master or Healing Practitioner to date that has completed Aura-Chi training has reported a major step up in the results they can achieve, and the energies that they perceive.

Aura-Chi is probably the most precise and most complete of any of the currently available Energetic Healing methods.

I know that is a sweeping statement, but I am a Reiki Master and Traditional Spiritual Healer with decades of experience.
This claim is NOT made lightly. Also,  I'm happy to be able to report, that every accomplished Healer and Reiki Master that completes Aura-Chi training are, WITH-OUT EXCEPTION, agreeing with this assertion!!

Aura-Chi is a healing practice that treats the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul of a person.

Yes I know, they all say that. But we have a reason for making this point.


The word “Chi” is Japanese for the number four.  In Aura-Chi we address the four parts of the complete “us”; the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.  We access these four aspects of man through the Aura, the body’s electrical field. It is the Aura that is the interface point for the four aspects of man.  So the name can actually translate as "Aura-Four".  In Aura-chi we actually use four different types of energy in a Healing Session. This is one of the areas that make us completely unique. 

The word “Chi” is also the Chinese name for the life force that powers all of us, and it is this Chi life force that we are working with in this healing practice.  An Aura-Chi Practitioner will be a person with innate “sensitivities” that enable them to be guided and trained in the skill of manipulating the human energy field, and also to channel healing “Chi” into someone in need.  Where does this “Chi” come from? It does not come from the Practitioner, but through the Practitioner. It is the life-force of the universe, and it comes from the one and only source of all life, our creator.  (And having said that, can an Atheist benefit from this sort of healing? Yes indeed they can - Much to their surprise!! Remember, there is no faith required on the part of the recipient for this healing practice to be of benefit).

Aura-Chi does not involve crystals, secret symbols or pseudo-mysticism.  It really is very practical and precise, and strangely enough, because it's methods are very specific, that makes them very easy to work with - no guesswork.

The latter part of an Aura-Chi Healing session is where we differ
most distinctly from other methods and modalities. Most other healing modalities channel or “give” healing to a client, then say good-bye. This is not how it should be. Having opened up some-one’s Aura, flooded them with healing energies, having manipulated their Chakras, there is then a list of specific requirements that must be met to make the healing session complete and whole (and safe!!).  (
Can you image a surgeon removing your appendix, but not bothering to close the incision?).Where Aura-Chi is truly unique is that it has a “second part” to the session that attends to the requirements that most other healing practices ignore. Aura-Chi is fundamentally locked to a need to “Centre, Ground, Align and then Close-off” the energy field of a healing recipient at the end of the healing session. To not do so leaves the patient in a vulnerable state, and can allow the positive work done in the session to dissipate (or worse).

This phenomenon is very often witnessed in some other healing practices due to the lack of "closure" to the Healing session; - great short term relief, but the quite rapid fading of the positive effects of the healing session.

Aura-Chi has specific tools and techniques to address these needs in ways that are truly unique. And, more importantly, these techniques are taught to the patient as a life skill.

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For more information feel free to email  us...   info@aura-chi.com.au

Something very special is in the process of happening. If you have bothered to read this far, you are probably going to be part of it!!