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a few words from Red Cloud...
(channelled by Roger Campbell)

"When all is said and done
we are here to learn, not to fight
we are here to love, not to hate
we are here to be born, to grow and to leave,
with those around us, the Earth, and ourselves,
the better for us having been here"

"May you walk with the Light,
and may the Light walk with you.
If you are dazzled by what's ahead of you,
then you are walking behind the Light, move forward.
If you are walking towards your own shadow,
then you are walking ahead of the Light, relax, slow down.
But if in your heart you are warmed and comforted,
then you are walking with the Light at your side.
As indeed you were always meant to be......"

For more information feel free to email  us...   info@aura-chi.com.au

Something very special is in the process of happening. If you have bothered to read this far, you are probably going to be part of it!!