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For just about as long as man has been walking on two legs, there has been a tradition of “laying on of hands” to achieve healing. The Shaman, as part of his healing repertoire, had a connection to a healing power that was channelled to his patient through his touch, his voice or his dance.  Christians will relate to Christ’s acts of healing as detailed in the New Testament. All the world's “old” cultures embrace hands-on healing. For the Jew, the Old Testament speaks often of “Healers” (working with “Ruach” –  the breath of God). For the Chinese it is Chi-Gung (working with “Chi”), for the Indian it is Ayurvedic in origin (working with “Prana”), for the Muslim it is “Barraka”, for the Polynesians it is “Mana” – and so the list goes on.

Spiritual healing has been around for many years. For those of you that have not heard of him, visit the Harry Edwards site and read a book or two about the man for an over view of Spiritual healing in England in the past 50 years.  More recently, Reiki has become a popular variant on this ancient art, reintroducing some of these ancient techniques to a new younger western audience.

The arguments as to the efficacy of this type of healing will rage on forever. As an old saying has it, “for the non-believer no explanation is possible, for the believer no explanation is necessary”.  Show a “James Randi” a genuine cure of cancer and he will bellow – “remission, happens all the time”.  Show a sceptic an improvement in an MS sufferer and the Medical Specialist will state that it can’t have been MS in the first place, it MUST have been a misdiagnosis, because MS “doesn’t get better”.

Well MS can get better. As can any “incurable” disease. These “miraculous” cures have been documented, researched, photographed, filmed, x-rayed, poked and prodded for years.  One healer worthy of note was Arigo, please spend some time researching this man, "The Surgeon of the Rusty Knife", it's truly fascinating! He was studied endlessly, and his success rate was greater than any drug or any surgeon on the planet.  But to a true sceptic no amount of evidence will EVER convince. To the open-minded individual, an Arigo is a phenomenon to be researched, marvelled at, and cherished.

We will not all become another Arigo. But we can all aspire to do SOME of what he achieved. Didn't Christ say “all of this and more so shall ye also do”.

“Hands-On” Healing is a natural process that can be learned by just about anyone.  Drug companies can’t patent it, nobody can copyright it, so no-one can make a billion dollars by promoting it.  Which is why it will always be left up to independent advocates to inspire and teach.

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Reiki teaches healing, but it is slightly limited and seems in the most part, unwilling to expand it's own horizons. In our humble opinion, Reiki has developed many many variants because within the Reiki community, there is an inherent sense of Reiki being incomplete (or at least, the version of Reiki that made it to the Western World). Aura-Chi seeks to address the specific limitations that Reiki sometimes exhibits.

Spiritual Healing is taught in a very ad hoc way, and very few formal courses exist any-where, with the training that is available not always being all that consistent. But make no mistake, Spiritual Healing is where Aura-Chi started, and it really is accurate to describe Aura-Chi as an advanced, more refined type of Spiritual Healing. 

It is said that we can all heal. It is simply a matter of faith. Thusly the term “Faith Healing”. But the popular misunderstanding is that this term means that the “patient” is the one that needs to have faith (implying a placebo effect). Wrong. It is the Healer that has to have faith, not the patient. There is no faith required at all on the part of the recipient for healing to be of benefit, if there was, then how could Healing benefit a newborn baby or a pet?

For more information feel free to email  us...   info@aura-chi.com.au

Something very special is in the process of happening. If you have bothered to read this far, you are probably going to be part of it!!