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  "Music to Heal The Spirit"

To hear the the preview MP3's off the currently available CD "Music To Heal The Spirit", click on the following links.....

(And NO, I do not pretend this music will heal all the ills of mankind, but it is "Healing" in that it is a salve for the soul, it is a CD that is suitable and
appropriate for a healing session in any modality, and a suitable backdrop for  a meditation session that seeks to open you up to the healing potential within..  But apart from all that - hopefully -  it's just nice music to listen to.)

Click on these links to hear the these previews in real-time, or "right-click" to "save target to disk".

Track 01 "You Need Time" 1.09 MB

Track 02 "Pensive" 804 KB

Track 03 "First Contact" 978 KB

Track 04 "Softwords" 822 KB

Track 05 "Blue Notes" 598 KB

Track 06 "New Meaning" 1.05 MB

Track 07 "A World So Pretty" 1.51 MB

Track 08 "If You Met Him" 1.06 MB

Track 09 "Sassafras" 1.01 MB

Track 10 "Back To Life" 929 KB

             This CD is available for $22.50 AUD (delivered) in Australia, and $22.50 (USD) delivered to the rest of the world. 
             Payment is via Paypal internationally or direct bank deposit in Australia.  Just email us.

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For more information feel free to email  us...  info@aura-chi.com.au